Discover Kefalonia

An exotic island with breathtaking locations and high contrast scenery

Kefalonia or Cefalonia is a great island for family and friends

It’s hospitality will rightfully earn a a piece of your heart forever.

Argostoli- Αργοστόλι

The capital of Kefalonia.
You will find a variety
of shops in Lithostroto street,
restaurants, bars and
stunning sights.Driving your
car rental there is easy and of course
one should keep in mind the one way streets.

Livathos - Λειβαθώς

Historically,the aristocratic area of Kefalonia island, due to its early development of
merchant marine life. One of the merchant marine villages, Karavados,and one of the most
picturesque one’s with every house having its own color and very beautiful gardens.
This is the area where you will see from above when landing at Kefalonia by plane,
it is an area that has one of the most beautiful and family friendly beaches on
the island known for their shallow waters that makes it ideal. Driving your car hire
along this coast will be pleasant and stopping to notice the local houses full of
color and flowers that one feels the urge to see from up close.

Elios Proni - Ελειός Πρόννοι

The area of Elios Proni has stunning beaches
and scenery you can’t afford to miss.
Kaminia beach is one place that caretta – caretta
turtles nest their eggs in the sand. A nice drive
with your hired car to Skala with its famous long beach
and for those who enjoy history and monuments, the Temple
of Posidon.

Sami the Host of Melissani Lake - Σάμη - Λιμνοσπήλαιο Μελισσάνη

Sami, one of the greenest parts of the island.
Where one can visit nature’s geological phenomena .
The cave of Drogarati (stalactites & stalagmites)
and the lake of Melissani where the water travels underground
from Katavothres – Argostoli to there. Drive to Katavothres and
afterwards let your car take you to the Melissani Lake, a boat ride within
the cave will not only be romantic but exquisite that will leave you with
an after taste of this wonder of nature.

Pilaros - Πύλαρος

Pylaros is located in the North-Central part of the island with one of the biggest villages of the area, Agia Efimia. Also one of the most famous beaches in the world, Myrtos. Myrtos,is located on the
northwest side of the island and lies between the mountains of Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros.
Myrtos beach, has been ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. Access to Myrtos
is possible by car, rent a car to explore this side of the island and on the way
being greeted by wild goats so be careful while in their territory !

Paliki - Παλική

Paliki is a peninsula of the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, Lixouri is the second
largest town of the island and also the home of the poet and satirical author Andreas
Laskaratos. It hosts Xi beach with its unique red sand and offers water sports onsite.
Kounopetra (moving rock), Kipouria, the village of Kaminarata with its spectacular
view and Platia Ammos, where your car rental can take you so far, since one needs to
walk more than 100 steps. Don’t miss out Petani bay and Vatsa for not only the
beautiful sea and sunset but also for its fresh fish.

Erissos - Έρυσσος

Erissos is located at the northern part of Kefalonia. It hosts two small ports, Assos
where the famous Venetian Castle stands upto today, overlooking the Ionian sea.
Renting a car can get you to this beautiful place and the view over the bay early in
the morning is stunning. Visit the cosmopolitan Fiscardo, which has been identified with its fame for its yachting activities but also the home of the poet Nikos Kavvadias, Rent one of our cars and have fun getting there.

Omala - Ομαλά

Hiring a car gives you the opportunity to access
the highest mountain of the island, Ainos
(or else called Monte Nero) With an elevation
of 1628 metersit will give you a panoramic view
of the Ionian sea but aslo includingthe NW
Peloponese and Aetolia along with the
islands Zakynthos, Lefkada and Ithaca.
See the unique fir “Abies Cephalonica”and
black pine “Pinus Nigra” and if you arelucky you even
get to see the wild horses.

Last but not least visit the Robola vineyards situated round the monastery of St Gerasimos in Omala, where the unique Robola
grape has been classified by VIVC (Vitis International Variety Catalogue) as a separate variety that grows exclusively in the limestone soils of Cephalonia.