“BlueSea M/Y CAR Rental ” is a small family car hire business that has been influenced by the aura of the sea and merchant marine history.
Having a background of airport experience for the past years and travel agency, is one good parameter to understanding and meeting your demands. We are customer oriented with years of experience in the tourism industry . Wanting to offer you with our rental cars, a continuation of your pleasant journey and stay that feels like home.

Kefalonia is a great island for family and friends It’s hospitality will rightfully earn a a piece of your heart forever.

Cephalonian people are known for traveling around the world and having an open mind towards other cultures . Hospitality is a key element that Is offered on a daily basis and you will get from our budget car rental. Starting from your hotel, going to the local mini market and also the local Agora located in Argostoli (the capital), with two major ports, Poros and the international port of Sami offering a picturesque scenery. Rent a car Kefalonia, with us, is not just a phrase, it is VIP services, because you are VIP to us.

Our goal is to provide you our express car rental services, with clean cars and meet your high standards as one expects.

We are located 6.7 km from Kephalonia International Airport, 6.7 from Minia, 2.1 km from Spartia, 3.2km from Pessada port, 4km from Karavados beach, 4.5 Lakithra, 8km from Lourdas, 9km Argostoli capital supporting the local community of the island, taking part and sponsoring local events like Vallianeios Race and more.

Cephalonia and Yourself, Making your Experiences!

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