Terms & Conditions

Under this agreement BLUESEA M/Y – CAR RENTAL (herein called “Lessor”) rents to the renter undersigned on page two
(herein called “Renter”) the vehicle described on page two-here of (herein called “Said vehicle”) subject to all terms and
conditions on page one and page two of this rental agreement in consideration there of the renter acknowledges and

*Option of different Car hire Insurance Types e.g. No excess, SCDW etc. offered upon request. Just Ask us and we will provide you with a Quote


Minimum age of twenty (18) years old for the categories A, B, C, Minimum age limit for Category D twenty one (21) years old *.    

* for 18-21yrs old please indicate while booking.



A valid driving license held for at least one (1) year from its issue date is required for all the categories of cars. if otherwise please indicate while booking with us.


The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in an objectively and generally good
condition without any defects.

Upon the delivery, the Renter agrees and accepts the good condition of the vehicle if he/she
does not express in written any remarks or reservations in the front page of the present after having examined it.
The Lessor reserves the Right to gain repossession and use of the Vehicle by any means, at any time without prior notice and without
the Renter’s consent and at the Renter’s expenses if at the discretion of the Lessor the Vehicle is used in violation of this
agreement and rules and in general for actions or omissions of the Renter which conflict the commonly accepted principles
of morality of transactions which may be also driven by malice.

The Vehicle must be returned at the same time as the time of its delivery to the Renter, unless differently agreed, with period of grace of one (1) hour. After the expiration of this period, the Renter will be charged with the one third (1/3) of the daily charge/rate for every hour and for the first three (3) hours of the delayed return. After this time, the Renter will be charged with the full amount of the daily charge.

The Renter must return the Vehicle with the same quantity of fuel as when delivered to him/her. In a di™erent occasion the Renter must pay in addition to the amount of the missing fuel, a supplement of euros ten (EUR 10.00) as a fee for the occurred fuel process.
In the case that the Renter is not delivering the Vehicle at the agreed day and time without any prior written or by telephone
communication, the Lessor has the right to cancel the booking/ rental after a period of two (2) hours and charge the Renter
with the amount which may reach up to the fifty per cent (50%) of the total value of the booking.

The rental cost is prepaid upon the delivery of the Vehicle to the Renter and the starting time of the rental along with any necessary deposit. For the Credit Cards’ holders, the Credit Card may be used as a deposit/guarantee upon the Lessor’s consent. The Renter must take good care of the Vehicle, maintain it in a good condition, check its mechanical condition, check the oil and water levels, the

The Renter must close the windows and lock the Vehicle when it is parked and must demonstrate conscientiousness of
a prudent man. Any repair of the Vehicle by the Renter or any other person is prohibited without the Lessor’s prior consent.
It is prohibited to exit the Country or to be transferred by any other means such as by ferry, train, etc without the written
consent of the Lessor.

The Renter expressly agrees that the Lessor is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the
Renter or third parties during the rental period and no claim can be raised against the Lessor for this reason.

The rates and charges as well as the terms and conditions of the rental can be amended without any prior notice.

1.The renter must return the Vehicle with all tires, tools, accessories and equipment to the agreed place, date and time as
indicated in this contract, or even sooner upon demand of the lessor. In addition, the Vehicle must not be used: 1) to carry
passengers, animals, objects in exchange for money.

2)to trail, tow or push other vehicles, or objects

3) to participate or to follow in auto races

4) to be subleased to other person(s)

5) in contravention of Customs, traffic or any other regulations, or for any illegal purposes violating in general the Greek Legislation

6) to be used if the Renter or/and the additional driver(s) are under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, medication or any other substance impairing the consciousness and the ability to react and drive.

7) to be used by any other person except the Renter and the stated additional driver(s) for who the indicated charge has been paid.

8) to be used in order to carry or transfer heavy luggage or other objects, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods, narcotics and in general to be involved in any illegal transportation of persons, animals and in any illegal act.

2a) damages to tires, undercarriage of the car (carter, gear box, transmission etc.) caused by reckless driving (driving on an
o™ road or careless driving in general), also damage or loss of personal items and luggage, damage to the interior of the car,
as well as damage or lose the key are not covered by any type of insurance.

2b) in case of an accident and if the renter has accepted C.D.W. is charged with the daily rental plus the deductible amount.
Please note that even at C.D.W., in case of a damage caused by a fault of the Renter or a Third Party the V.A.T arising from the repair invoices is paid by the Renter to the Lessor, damage to the tires and undercarriage of the car (carter, gear box, transmission) caused by
reckless driving (driving on and or careless driving in general), damage to the interior of the car, as well as damage or lose
the key are not covered.
The renter for all above damages is obligated to pay in full even if the amount extents the deductible amount.
The Renter has the obligation to compensate the Lessor in the event of theft, loss or damage to the Vehicle and to any third
person including his co-passengers as well as to pay all losses and damages occurred to the Lessor. More specifically:
1)The Renter is responsible for all the damages caused to the Vehicle or to others if he/she has violated the terms of use of
the agreement, or has driven in an illegal manner or in violation to the Greek Code of Driving.

2)The Renter is responsible for the partial or total loss or theft of the Vehicle. The Renter can limit the area of his/her
responsibility for total loss or theft of the Vehicle up to the amount of four hundred euros plus V.A.T (EUR 400.00) for the categories
A, B, C if he/she has accepted and signed to be covered by taking the optional TPC (Theft Protection) insurance in the
respective part of the first page of this contract according to the terms and conditions as they are indicated and has paid for
this the respective daily charge, with the condition that all necessary precautions have been taken in order to avoid any
partial, or total loss or theft of the vehicle and has always acted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the present
and has demonstrate in general common sense and the necessary prudence.

3)The Renter is responsible for damage to the Vehicle due to collision or are unless the Renter has opted for the CDW
(Collision Damage Waiver) by accepting and signing the respective part in the front page of the present along with its terms
and conditions according to the contract of the Lessor and has paid the relevant daily charge. By taking this Insurance the
Renter’s responsibility is limited up to the amount of four hundred euros plus Value Added Tax (EUR 400.00 + V.A.T) for the categories A, B, C and for D category is limited up to the amount of nine hundred euros plus Value Added Tax (900EUR+ V.A.T) with the
condition always that there is not any violation of the Greek Code of Driving and that the Vehicle was not used in conflict
and against to the terms and conditions of the present, or in absence of common sense and the necessary prudence. The
Renter is responsible up to the above mentioned amount regardless of being or not his/her fault. The Renter will be released
only for the amount exceeding the four hundred euros (400.00 + V.A.T).

This optional insurance (C.D.W.) does not cover:
a) Intentional damage or damage due to gross negligence on the part of the driver,
‘b) Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of alcohol, stimulants or sedatives, or in any other way incapable of driving the vehicle in a safe manner
c) Damage due to race or test driving,‘
d) Damage done by animals e) Holes burned into seats, carpets, or mats,
e) Damage a™ecting only wheels, tires, suspension, batteries, glass-mirrors (other than windows),radios, or loss by theft of parts of the
vehicle and damage resulting from this,‘
f) Damage caused by driving on rough roads to the vehicle’s transmission, drive, other parts that are in or attached to the chassis; damage to the chassis resulting from the vehicle scraping bottom on rough roads as a result of ridges being left by road graders; stones lodged in the road surface or on the shoulder of the road. The same applies to damage occurring when stones are thrown up, striking the underside of the vehicle during driving,
g) Damage resulting from driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as paths, tracks, unabridged rivers or streams,
beaches, places only accessible at low tide, or other trackless areas. However, compensation will be paid for damage if the
driver is forced to leave the road, for example, due to road repairs.
i) Damage caused by sand, gravel, ash, or other kinds of
earth material being blown onto the vehicle.
‘j) Damage and loss that the suffers if the vehicle is stolen.
3b. If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period of the Vehicle must communicate with the Lessor as soon as possible so
that this request will be examined and the possible extension will be agreed.
If the Renter continues using the Vehicle without having the revised extension agreement and thus without the written consent of the Lessor, this will rise Civil and Penal liability for illegal possession and use of the Vehicle. In case of extension agreement, the Renter shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the initial rental agreement as much as by the ones of the extension whether concerning the initial Vehicle or any other which is given by the Renter as a replacement for the extended period of the rental. The Lessor reserves the right to consent to this extension agreement by proposing eventually a rise of the daily rental charge according to its
price list.
In the event of failure of the above article No 3, the renter beside releases of and from any liability the insurance company,
covering the said vehicle, and accepts full prompt payment for any claim may be arisen.
4. The renter expressively acknowledges personal liability to pay lessor on demand:
All charges described and agreed on both pages.
The cost of the fuel in case its level is lower when the Vehicle is returned compared to the one upon the delivery along the
above mentioned fee for refueling All šnes and court costs for parking, traffic or other legal violations assessed against said
vehicle, renter or lessor during term or this agreement, expect where caused through fault of lessor. Lessor’s cost to repair
collision upset damages to said vehicle provided. The Renter’s Credit Card constitutes the guarantee for any of the above
mentioned ones or penalties and other charges that the Lessor was not aware of upon the return of the Vehicle either by
negligence, fraudulent intent or any other reason. The additional charges for delivering or returning the Vehicle and also the
fee for returning the Vehicle to a different location (without the Lessor’s prior written consent) from the one designated on
the front page of the present agreement according to the Lessor’s price list.
5.The Lessor provides the Renter and any additional stated driver(s) with insurance coverage for death or injuries of third
parties, passengers of the Vehicle or not (the Driver of the Vehicle is excepted/excluded) to the total maximum amount of
Euros 1.000000…and for material damages of third parties, except the Lessor’s Vehicle, to the total maximum amount of
Euros 1.000.000 provided that it did not occur any violation at all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
6.In the event of an accident or any other incident (šre, theft, etc.) the Renter and/or the additional driver(s) are obliged to
do immediately the following:

1) To not acknowledge liability or guilt and claims of third parties in any way direct or indirect.
2) To note the names, addresses, telephone numbers of eyewitnesses and also those of the driver along with the registration
number and other data of the vehicle with which the incident occurred.
3) To contact the Police immediately in order to investigate on the liability of the third party and look after any injured persons.
4) To contact immediately the Lessor.
5) To collect all relevant information from any third party.
6) To photograph the location of the accident and the involved vehicles, if possible.
The Renter must šll in and sign an accident/theft report in the O›ce of the Lessor the latest within twenty-four (24) hours
and provide the Lessor with all the relevant information and documents. The Renter must also report the incident in written
at the nearest Police or Port Police Station.
7. Renter further agrees to hold lessor harmless from and to defend and indemnity lessor against all claims based upon or
arising out of such loss or damage.
8. That lessor shall not be liable for non-delivery, late delivery or mechanical failure of said vehicle.
9. Forgery or taking o™ the Greek Tourism Organization signs are absolutely forbidden.
10.That additions to or alternations of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon
writing and signed by the Lessor.
11.The renter received the vehicle in good condition with no damage excluding the damage marked overleaf. The renter will
return the vehicle in the same condition. Note that the sitting with wet bathing suits damage the seats and the renter is this
12.In case of difference between the contracted parties Greek Courts only will have jurisdiction.

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