Driving in Kefalonia and Hazards

Driving in Kefalonia – Tips and Hints

Welcome to Kefalonia, a great island with more than just a beautiful scenery to explore. While driving your carrental,
drivers must comply with the Driving Rules of  Greece. Here are a few tips :

The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts at all times whilst the car is moving. Drinking and driving is forbidden, if above the permitted level the driver can face a hefty fine, a revoked license etc.

The Driver must have their Driver’s License at all times while driving.

Speed limits in Greece are as follows:
50 kilometres per hour in built up areas. Unless indicated lower, e.g 30 kilometers
110 kilometres per hour on open roads.  Unless indicated lower e.g70 kilometers
120 kilometres per hour on motorways.   Unless indicated lower

Child Safety Rules: Children should not be seating in the front of the car and must have an EU approved appropriate child restraint system fitted. Please ask us and we will provide you one.

The use of mobile phones without a Bluetooth whilst driving in Greece is illegal. If caught you will face a large fine.

Traffic lights : You cannot turn right on a red light unless indicated that you may do so.

Roundabouts: Please see our example picture below. We are not well know for our artistic skills 🙂 Just for our Services and customer care, however this will give you an idea as roundabouts might have different rules from your country of origin.

Stop Signs: Please Respect them for your Safety, as they could prevent you from facing an unpleasant accident.

Emergencies&Road Assistance, call the number given to you by your car hire company.

Parking: Mostly parking in Kefalonia is free of charge, you may park your car rental where allowed, do not park where a disability Sign exists, unless you have a permit, and or do not block disability ramps on pedestrian walk.

In general, the road system in Kefalonia is very good, however, one must pay attention to small roads. Our dual carriage ways are not as wide as you might be use to and since we have a very mountainous island make sure you pay attention when driving your car rental due to uphill-downhill roads.  Moreover, our traffic is minimum and mostly heavy traffic might be, the wild goats, sheep etc so make sure you keep this in mind and start your return journey earlier from your Hotel to the Airport . (Unless you don’t mind spending a few more days on our beautiful island). Also roads might become slippery due to sudden change of weather e.g Unexpected Rain, extreme heat conditions etc

Please always check for updates on traffic rules with the Greek Ministry of Transportation, always ask your auto car rental personnel for more information. We are always by your side through your holidays on Kefalonia with 24/7 Services, do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you feel you need to, we are here for you at all times.

Greetings from all of us here at Blue Sea M/Y car rental Kefalonia

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